himaya: hey sexy estelle: sup g (tongue out smiley face emoji) himaya: wass gud bby (kiss emoji)(wink emoji) estelle: im high on life (leaf emoji x3) wuu2 himaya: nooiiicceee (tongue emoji) im j chillen on ma giant ( catipillar emoji) rn ae, lifes pre gr8 atm estelle:gr9 m9 himaya: ew your cringe xx ily tho […]

-“Yeah” “oh fanks for answering geezer, know what I mean?” “Gimme dat” “where u been fool” “making us rinse out our credit, leaving u messages annat” “mr Dawes is well on the war path with you bruv yeh?” -“Coz of the bag annat?” “What bag? Coz u missed a lesson u cheif” “gimme dat, da […]

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